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Pittsburgh Premiere
A biblical tale of love, motherhood, and sibling rivalry is reimagined through the world of a symphony orchestra in present-day Jerusalem. The conductor and harpist—a loving couple struggling to conceive—embrace the young Arab horn player, who helps them realize their hopes of starting a family. With music as the backdrop, their relationships become fraught with envy and rejection. Award winning actor Alon Aboutboul (The Dark Knight Rises) gives a commanding performance as Abraham, the maestro and patriarch of this intricate story rooted in its ancient origin, yet timeless in its relevance to our modern world.

Nominated for five Israeli Academy Awards, and winner of Best Cinematography and Jewish Heritage awards at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

Post-film party at the JCC-Katz Theater in loving memory of long-time JFilm committee member Lois Weaver.

Valet parking provided.
Special ticket prices apply.

Director(s): Ori Sivan

Released: 2016

Country: Israel

Length: 98 minutes

Language: Hebrew and Arabic with subtitles