Micro Interview: Nicholas Verzilli

Micro Interview: Nicholas Verzilli

In Nicholas Verzilli’s Girl Seeking Wood, a young Amish woman who has spent her entire life on the family farm discovers a cell phone and earnestly enters the world of online dating. Girl Seeking Wood won multiple awards at the 2017 Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project. See it at Pittsburgh Shorts on Saturday, October 28. Info and Tickets.

If Girl Seeking Wood were the offspring of two other films, who are its parents?

Kingpin and You’ve Got Mail (I never thought I’d see these two movies listed together)

What do you find unique about working in short form?

We rarely get to work in Narrative film at all, so making this short for the 48 Hour Film Project is our way to scratch that itch. If this question was intended to compare long form to short, we’re quite a ways from that undertaking!

Because it’s Halloween: what’s your all-time favorite horror flick?

Cabin Fever

Any wisdom for aspiring filmmakers?

Focus on story! It’s the hardest part, but it is by far the most important part.

GIRL SEEKING WOOD | Saturday, October 28, 1:15 pm | TICKETS