Robinson International Short Film Competition

Congratulations, Asaph!

2012 Robinson Gold Prize Winner, Asaph Polonsky, awarded a Critics’ Week Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.


2017 Robinson International Short Film Competition

May 17, 2017


The Robinson International Short Film Competition celebrates the greatest in Jewish-themed short filmmaking from around the globe. Each year the competition awards over $18,000 in cash prizes for documentary, narrative, and animated shorts, and the winning filmmakers are honored at an awards ceremony in Pittsburgh.

Submissions for the 2017 Robinson Competition are now closed. Please stay tuned for more information regarding the finalists and the upcoming awards ceremony.

Past Winners     Criteria

Winners of the 2016 Robinson Short Film Competition



Director: Andreas Henn

1942, all of Yugoslavia is occupied by Nazi-Germany. Instead of emulating his violent Partisan friends, Nikola decides to teach the Germans a lesson all by himself. His weapon of choice: “The Great Dictator” by Charlie Chaplin. His target: a cinema for German soldiers right in the heart of Serbia.



Director: Noa Gusakov

Timmy is a look-out in the military. As a diversion from her tiring frame work, she creates an imaginative, childish world, which sets her apart in a mundane routine.  When she has to deal with the real military world for the first time, her own world is shattered and undermined.

To Step Forward Myself

Director: Yael Luttwak

An American college graduate joins the Israeli military and is killed in Lebanon. His personal story is told through his letters, collected in an acclaimed book.