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Micro Interview: Joel Pincosy

Posted October 26, 2018

In My Paintbrush Bites, a man battling reclusion finds solace when he adopts a racehorse on the brink of death.

Direcor Joel Pincosy speaks with Film Pittsburgh about filmmaking, attitude, and Troll Farms.

FP: If “My Paintbrush Bites” were the offspring of two other films, who are its parents?

JP: Exit Through the Gift Shop and The Black Stallion   

FP: What do you find unique about working in short film?

JP: Learning how to hook an audience in moments, and finding ways to be truly emotionally fulfilling in minutes rather than an hour and a half, or more. But also the opportunity to take chances and try stuff out. I’ve made many shorts just to get an idea out and make it come to life—to learn and see what I like and don’t like about the work I’m creating. It’s the finest “Film School” in the world.

FP: Any wisdom for aspiring filmmakers?

JP: Watch lots of movies, and make lots of movies. Don’t be precious about it—Just make stuff! You don’t need anyone's permission and only you are the one who is going to judge what you do for the first films. If you like what you’re doing, make more; if you don’t, make more and make it differently. Nothing replaces getting it done. It may take you many films to get recognition but if you love it. Keep creating.

FP: What upcoming projects are you working on?

JP: I have another short film about a painter that involves the criminal justice system that I would like to make. I’m also writing a pilot for a TV series about Troll Farms, and developing a feature documentary in the True Crime genre. 

FP: What are you looking forward to about visiting Pittsburgh?

JP: Visiting a great American city that I haven’t been to before. To walk the avenues of the Steelers. And to see the streets of movies like Fences, Wonder Boys, Kingpin, Lorenzo’s Oil, and The Deer Hunter.

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