Script Competition

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2021 Script Competition

The 3rd annual Pittsburgh Shorts Script Competition took place on Sunday, November 21, at 5pm and was presented in partnership with Carnegie Screenwriters, a supportive community for scriptwriters.

The four finalist scripts were read live by professional actors at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater. Prizes totaling $1,000 were awarded following the readings—keep scrolling for the list of winners!


The 2021 Script Competition awards were decided by Steve Cuden. Steve is a screenwriter, director, playwright, author, and teacher. He has written numerous projects for Broadway, television, and film.

2021 Winners

1st Place

Too Short the Peace

Screenwriter: Milethia Thomas

A Sikh soldier who fought for England in WW1 recalls the unlikely friendship he made with a German soldier in 1914.

3rd Place


Screenwriter: Michael Clifton

After years of co-dependency, a resentful mother and her bedridden daughter’s relationship changes in cruel ways.

2nd Place

Happy Ending Retirement Home

Screenwriter: Kirsty Zane

To win Gertrude's heart, frail Harold must find a way to outsmart Mr. Willoughby, who is a lady killer...literally.

4th Place

Bella Nova

Screenwriter: Khadija Jamila Roane

A young girl and her friends form a girl group, which they hope will be their ticket out of a hostile environment.

2021 Semifinalists

Back Pockets on Tight Jeans by Thom Hilton

El Vals by Alycya Magana

Good Girl by Haley Dercher

Piece of Cake by Jamaal Pittman

Purim Shpielers by Tallulah Bark-Huss

The Scheme by Diego Trovarelli

2021 Quarter-finalists

As Written by Newton E. Calkins

Chase by Lauren Noble

The Committee of Science by Cody Mitzel

Grand Canyon by S. E. McMeans

Homunculus by Will Berry

It's a Wondoughful Life by Jana Forkel

Love Letter to a Female Gym Teacher by Alyson Titkemeyer

Ninja-Like by Clayton Jordan

Sanguine by Finn Kobler

You Look Pretty Up Here by Thom Hilton, Ethan River Cohen