Script Competition

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2022 Script Competition

A record number of scripts were submitted in a variety of genres this year, and we had a really hard time narrowing down the semi-finalists and finalists. But, after many discussions, we did it! 

The top four scripts were read live by some terrific actors on Sunday, November 20, at 5pm. The 1st place-winning writer received $500, a copy of FinalDraft software, and a 1-hour consultation with the Roadmap Writers executive of their choice!


Our juror for the 2022 Script Competition awards is screenwriter and sought-after story analyst, Scott Myers. Scott has written over 30 projects at nearly every major Hollywood studio and broadcast network and his book, The Protagonist’s Journey: An Introduction to Character-Driven Screenwriting and Storytelling, is a best seller on Amazon.

2022 Finalists

1st Place


Screenwriter: Portia Lannak

A group of friends struggle to find the right words for a eulogy, minutes before the funeral.

3rd Place

Scratch Off

Screenwriter: Gary Giudice

Scratch must hit the brand-new Mega Jackpot Scratch Off Lotto to afford his and his Ma’s gentrifying rent increase.

2nd Place

City of Rats

Screenwriter: Gavin McClenaghan

Two petty criminals must deliver a hostage to an infamous gangster when their simple plan disintegrates.

4th Place

We’re Going Down!

Screenwriter: Caroline Bloom

A new couple goes through many layers of a relationship while stuck in an elevator.

2022 Semifinalists

Dream Lover by J.L. Reed

The Door in the Mirror by Geoff Murillo

esc by Mark Dollard

Full Tilt by Martin Richmond

The Strawberries Ain’t for Pickin’ by Milethia Thomas

To the Death! by Chad Sogas

2022 Quarter-finalists

72 Hours by Shonnon Lee Marshall

Again by Katarzyna Müller

Ballad of Water by Wardan M. Tiple

Black Lipstick Girl by Mora Harris

The Baobab Tree by Danielle Browne

Bucket by Milethia Thomas

Irish Exit by Bernie Carroll

A Lesson on Dying by Jess Waters

Lost and Found by Paul Rowe

Take My Hand Before I Go by Mason O’Sullivan