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Devi is an aging but legendary breeder of pot strains who over decades has built a business on her remote homestead in beautiful Humboldt County, CA. But now that cannabis is legal, she finds herself in a fight for survival. Krisha Fairchild embodies the role of Devi in a tour-de-force performance. Shot on off-the-grid pot farms, Pittsburgh-based producer Laura Heberton and directors Mario Furloni and Kate McLean offer up an authentic and emotionally charged thriller. (Adult content: casual drug use)
Official Selection–SXSW and Mill Valley Film Festivals
Winner–Nashville Film Festival - Best New Directors 
“Fairchild's performance is so deftly layered with ferocity and wisdom, heartache and desperation, that it suggests whole realms beyond the screenplay's understated yet trenchant dialogue.” —Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter
“A stoner midlife-crisis drama.”—Eric Kohn, IndieWire
Freeland is preceded by: PHARMACOPEIA
(Director: Tania Taiwo, USA, 6 minutes)
A pharmacist drowning in student loan debt rebels against the system.
Due to popular demand, Freeland + Pharmacopeia are now available for viewing November 12-22 in the United States only. 
Watch a clip from the film:
Director:Kate McLean, Mario Furloni
Length:80 minutes

Freeland with Pharmacopeia

11.11.20 - 11.22.20