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Not Going Quietly
Pittsburgh Premiere
Ady Barkan had spent his life as a passionate social activist when at the age of 32 he was diagnosed with ALS. As a happily married husband and loving father, he soon found himself facing the rising costs of healthcare and battling with insurance companies to get the care he needed to stay alive. Frustrated with the circumstances that he knew others faced as well, he embarked on the “Summer of Heroes Tour” where he spoke at rallies, led demonstrations, and inspired communities to take action. Not Going Quietly intimately documents Ady’s story revealing a man that despite his failing health, refuses to give up, instead choosing to lead a movement in the hopes of repairing our fragile healthcare system. With this intimate and deeply moving portrayal of a true American hero, director Nicholas Bruckman delivers a documentary sure to inspire one and all.
“A stirring tale of activism shaped by personal suffering.” – John Defore, Hollywood Reporter
Sunday, September 12, at 7pm | Carnegie Museum of Art Theater
This screening is followed by a panel discussion with filmmaker Nicholas Bruckman, community organizer Rev. Sally Jo Snyder, and a self-advocate, along with a reception.
Watch the trailer below:
Director:Nicholas Bruckman
Length:96 minutes