The Cure for Hate
World Premiere

A former Skinhead and Holocaust denier, Tony McAleer, travels to Aushchwitz/Birkenau in the spirit of teshuvah. McAleer, profoundly aware and deeply ashamed of the lineage of hate he once promoted, felt the need to bear witness to the inconceivable ravages of the Holocaust and deepen his work against the rise of extremist politics. First a book and now a film, The Cure for Hate documents McAleer’s personal journey of atonement while also exploring the conditions that allowed for the rise of fascism in 1930’s Europe. The film also sheds a unique light on how people get into, and out of, violent extremist groups, serving as a cautionary tale of our time about the dangers in allowing hate to go unchecked. (Adult content: graphic imagery)   

“McAleer’s story and call to action is the right book for these difficult times.” – Arnie Bernstein, New York Journal of Books  

“McAleer is careful to stipulate that his grief, and the personal traumas explored in the therapeutic process that has helped him change, do nothing to excuse his racist activism. He takes responsibility and tries to make amends, and along the way, he has written a document for our times.” – Tom Sandborn, Vancouver SunPost  

Followed by a Q&A with director Peter Hutchison, film subject Tony McAleer and president of the Eradicate Hate Global Summit, Charles H. Moellenberg, Jr.    

In person screening + Q&A
Tuesday, April 25, at 7pm | The Oaks Theater 

Supported in part by the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh. Community Partner: Eradicate Hate Global Summit

Watch the trailer: 

Director:Peter Hutchison
Length:80 minutes
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The Cure for Hate

7pm - 9pm