Step-by-Step Guide

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Step One: Learn more about the film!

  • Info on all the Spotlight films can be found here

Step Two: Buy your tickets or pass

  • Prior to purchasing, please note that Spotlight + films are only available for streaming for 7 days (from the 15th through the 22nd of the month). However, you can preorder tickets to the film once it becomes available.

  • Purchase your film and event tickets either on the Spotlight page or here

  • After you purchase your tickets or pass, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your order.

Step Three: Activate your Eventive account

  • Please note: if you attended the 2020 Film Pittsburgh Fall Festival, or already have an Eventive account, your Eventive account is already activated (unless you purchased tickets with a different email address).
  • Your Eventive Account is where you will find and access all of your virtual content for Spotlight +.
  • After your FIRST virtual purchase from Film Pittsburgh, you will receive an email from Film Pittsburgh Spotlight + inviting you to activate your Eventive account.  Add Film Pittsburgh Spotlight + to your contacts to avoid having these emails go to spam. These emails may take a few minutes to arrive in your inbox. However, if they don’t arrive within ten minutes check your spam, clutter, and junk folders and if you don’t find them there please email us at so we can help to resolve the issue. 
  • Please make sure to use the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS that you used to purchase your ticket to activate your Eventive account.
  • You only need to set up your Eventive account after your first purchase. For any additional ticket purchases, you must use the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS so that your tickets appear in your content library. After every purchase, you will receive an email from Film Pittsburgh Spotlight + with a link to WATCH NOW. Please save these emails for when you’re ready to watch your films!

Step Four: Find and watch your programs

Ticket Buyers: 

  • There are two ways to access your films/programs:

1) Locate the email from Film Pittsburgh Spotlight + and click on the link. 

2) Go to and click on the gray circle on the top right corner of the screen to access your content library. All of the films you have purchased will be located here.

  • When you’re ready to watch, click the WATCH NOW  button in the middle of your screen and enjoy! 
  • You will have 72 hours to finish the film, once you begin watching. Spotlight + films are only available for 7 days—from the 15th of the month to the 22nd. 

Step Five: Ways to watch your programs

  • Watch directly through your computer or other device.  
  • Use your smart phone or laptop to “Cast” or “AirPlay” films to your TV.
  • Connect your computer to your TV with an HDMI cord. 
  • If you have Apple TV or ROKU: Check out Eventive’s free app in both the Roku and Apple TV app stores. Simply search for “Eventive” in the App Store, download and install it and follow the onscreen instructions to link the app to your existing Eventive account. Note: This is NOT an app for your phone.  You must have a 4th generation or greater Apple TV to access the app store. 
  • Once linked, films that have been “UNLOCKED” in your Eventive account will appear on screen in your Content Library.

For any technical questions and to test your device:

For any ticketing questions: